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D1Meba is a Blog created by Marine Engineers and is the go-to source for all marine engineer opinions worldwide. We cover everything from ship design to educational content and post exciting articles such as trending news, updates on current events that affect the ocean, and analysis of how climate change could impact fisheries in the future. Our articles can be found in English and soon in Spanish.

We are an independent group of marine engineers working for different companies. Together, we are working to promote the advancement of marine engineering through social media by creating an online community that provides knowledge and insight into the industry.

We recognize that many people are not familiar with our profession or its terms. Our blog is here to help! We hope to educate readers on maritime matters in shipping, shipbuilding, naval architecture, and marine engineering so they can understand what we do in everyday life. In addition, we hope to provide insight on how to use marine engineering in their daily lives.

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Stay tuned for future articles! We’ll keep you updated on the latest news and updates in maritime engineering. We strive to make sure you can stay informed no matter where you are!

what you will find on this blog

We discuss trends such as increasing the fuel efficiency of ships and the latest in design technology.

We review new ships such as cruise ships and tankers which are currently on the market.

Educational material covering our favorite picks of products that we use everyday.

We also cover trending news from the eye of a naval engineer. Sharing our honest opinions.

We occasionally share websites that we find really interesting along with our feedback around it.

We make infographics about Shipbuilding, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Shipping.

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